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    Meet Lichenstar!


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    Meet Lichenstar!

    Post by Squirrelflight on Tue May 02, 2017 7:56 pm

    Name: Lichenstar

    Gender: Tom-cat

    Age: 68 moons

    Looks: A fluffy white tom with amber eyes and a grey-striped tail. He has a long scar on his shoulder.

    Ranking: Leader Of Windclan

    Personality: Bold, assertive and headstrong. He refuses to back down, and is very biased towards Windclan.

    Clan: Windclan


    Cloudrunner - A pure white tom with amber eyes.

    Silkfur - A white she cat with ginger splotches and blue eyes.

    RP sample (only for ranks stated above):
    Lichenleaf dozed outside the warriors den, nothing much to do except lay around. He was bored - that was one thing. They had all the prey they needed, had no battles to fight and no patrols to join. He was about to grab a mouse from the fresh-kill pile when he heard a shrill cry.

    "Run! A badger is in camp!"

    Queens were suddenly rushing kits into the nursery, and apprentices were being shoved into their den. Lichenleaf, feeling a surge of confidence, leapt onto the black-and-white creature, but he was gashed on the shoulder and sent flying. He knew that day would be a bad one.

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    Re: Meet Lichenstar!

    Post by frikkk on Wed May 03, 2017 4:21 pm

    Approved. Smile

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