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    Basic Rules


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    Basic Rules

    Post by frikkk on Thu Apr 20, 2017 2:02 pm

    1. Rude and vulgar language on this site will be edited out. This is a child friendly site, and if you post multiple vulgar words you WILL get banned.

    2. NO graphic mating scenes.

    3. Bullying and harassment is strictly prohibited. If we get any reports with proof that you have bullied someone you will be banned sooner that you could say another offensive thing. Wink

    4. If you have not rped for longer than 2 weeks you will be classified as 'inactive'. If you are inactive for a month and you don't have a valid reason for your leave you are banned.

    5. High-ranking roles (leader, deputy, med cat) need ACTIVE MEMBERS. You will be stripped of your high-ranking cat if you are away for one week and don't have a valid reason.

    6. Spam or troll accounts will be banned.

    7. Powerplaying is banned, and killing is only permitted if you have the other user's permission.

    8. Cats must be approved before roleplaying.

    9. Gatherings occur on the 1st of every month -- Half-moon trips happen on the 15th and 30th each month.

    10. There is 75-word minimum for each post, UNLESS you have permission by an admin to write a shorter post.

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