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    Lakestar of RiverClan


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    Lakestar of RiverClan

    Post by NeonSkylite on Sat Apr 22, 2017 3:45 pm

    Name: Lakestar

    Past names: Lakefoot, Lakepaw, Lakekit

    Name Meanings:

    Lake - From her silver appearance, like the lake.

    Foot - Her swiftness.

    Gender: Female

    Age: 49 moons

    Looks: A fluffy green-eyed dark silver-gray tabby, with white paws and a large tuft of fur around the chest. She has a ripped ear and a scar that runs down her side.


    Ranking: Leader

    Personality: Lakestar is a calm, diplomatic leader who may be criticized by some cats to be too "soft" and "trusting". However, Lakestar knows how to stand her ground, and, although has very few buttons, can lose her temper when a cat is too persistent and disobedient. She also dislikes uncleanliness and is irked by cats who don't clean themselves.

    Clan: RiverClan

    Parents: Her mother was a dark gray tabby near-identical to her, named Ripplepelt, and her father was a dark gray tabby almost identical to her, named Nightstream. Ripplepelt got greencough and died a few moons after Lakestar took leadership, and Nightstream was killed when a rogue attacked her on a hunting patrol.

    RP sample: "Lakestar...?" The gray tabby heard her name while she was talking with the medicine cat. She turned her head, and saw an unfamiliar cat. He had the smell of heathers and rabbits, the scent of a WindClanner.

    "We need help! WindClan is being attacked by badgers! Tons of badgers! We turned to ThunderClan, but a patrol scared us off. Can you send your best warriors to protect the Clans?"

    Lakestar's thoughts were buzzing as the shortfurred cat was begging for aid. It was early newleaf, and quite a few cats had been taken by greencough. Sending more warriors could lead the debilitated Clan to StarClan, and two voices were urging her to resist or give in.

    "This is a matter of life or death! Lakestar!" It wasn't like they needed to either. WindClan wasn't allied with them, but then the RiverClan leader thought about the 16th point of the code. No Clan shall fall.

    And still, the moons had smiled on RiverClan. Even with that greencough around the last moon of Leafbare, they had still shaped up to have survived. RiverClanners could take on that badger.

    "Okay, I'll send 5 warriors to WindClan's aid."

    "WindClan will thank you!"

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    Re: Lakestar of RiverClan

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