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    Thrushgaze of Riverclan


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    Thrushgaze of Riverclan

    Post by frikkk on Sat Apr 22, 2017 9:40 pm

    Name: Thrushgaze

    Gender: She-cat

    Age: 45 moons

    Looks: A soft-furred creamy coloured she-cat with dark brown colourpoint markings and azure-blue eyes. Despite her soft, graceful appearance, her tail is scarred and mangled from a twoleg monster, and she has a nick in her right ear.

    Ranking: Deputy

    Personality: She's nice but sassy, like sweet and sour sauce. She cares about other cats, and tries not to spark conflict, although her slightly direct personality can sometimes come across as coldness. She can get a bit hot-headed and arrogant at times, but she usually remains as her normal, calm and slightly sassy self.

    Clan: Riverclan

    Parents: Frostleaf, her mother, who is a large, short-furred snow-white she-cat with amber eyes and light grey colourpoints, and Ashface, her father, an extremely light-grey tom with a darker grey 'mane' of fur and almost black colourpoints. he has ice blue eyes.

    RP sample (only for ranks stated above):

    Thrushgaze stalked up to the riverbed, her scarred tail hanging limply behind her and her shadow carefully stationed next to the clear stream, which glistened in the shining sun. A fish's sillhouette flashed past her gaze for a split second, and she was ready to scoop it out of the water when a low growl behind her made her jump, causing the plump prey to flee in an instant, disappearing into the deep blue waters below. She turned around, hissing, when she saw the flame-red creature behind her, it's bared fangs glistening with spit and it's eyes bloodthirsty.

    It was a fox!

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    Re: Thrushgaze of Riverclan

    Post by NeonSkylite on Sun Apr 23, 2017 4:46 pm

    Hold on a bit about these genetics --

    for a Siamese cat to be born, the parents have to be Siamese. This is because they aren't just "white cats with some black on them" -- they're colourpoints. And the reason why the colourpoints have the colour is because the cooler temperatures around the colourpoint areas (usually on their limbs, tail and face) make the darkened colours.

    The gene for Siameses is recessive. So if your parents are Siamese, bubba's Siamese as well. If momma Blackfur and Daddy Snowpelt the badly-named-Siamese-because-Siameses-are-white-at-birth have a baby, the child will inherit Blackfur's night coloured pelt because the black genes, which are dominant, are prioritised over the Himalayan gene, the Siamese gene.

    But other than my two-paragraph long rambling, your kitty is mainly a-ok.


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